Step-Up Edger is a new idea for lawn edging. Step-Up Edgers let your lawn mower do the weed-eating as it rolls along the lower level of the Step-Up Edgers.

Pysique Wall Systems Inc.

The PYZIQUE Stone builds straight and curved retaining walls, shadow box walls, bump-out walls, steps, patio barrier walls, BBQ grills, outdoor kitchens, stone fence, lawn and paver edge, and much more.

Matryx Stone

The MaytRx multi-use, multi-stone system is the prescription for retaining walls, stone fences, steps, columns and many other projects that display the character of natural stone installations.

Vyking Stone
The Vyking Wall System was developed to supply a large commercial Segmental Retaining Wall (SRW) system that gives benefits not found in other systems.

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Step-Up Edger

There is no rust, discoloration, or scale when you build your raised patio rail with PilisteR balusters.

PilisteR balusters are the perfect way to make your patio a 100% stone project with beauty and color.

PilisteR balusters are manufactured in colors to complement your patio stones and columns.


PilisteR can be used with the retaining wall stones used to build the columns and sitting wall around your patio area while giving a "see-through" effect.

See the drawings and photos on this web site for ideas on the use of PilisteR --- then use your imagination to design your project.

Use retaining wall adhesive to glue the PilisteR projects together. When using double PilisteR units, glue the two units together.

Note: Many areas have regulations on the width of the open space between balusters of any type. Be sure to get these regulations for your area to use when designing and building your PilisteR project.